There are five purposes for a church.

  1. Ministry - The church is there to minister to the needs of the community.
  2.  Evangelism- The Churches Mission is to spread the Good news of our savior Jesus Christ.
  3. Fellowship- A Church is a community of like minded individuals sharing and caring for one another.
  4. Worship- A church is a place where Believers come together to worship God our Father.
  5. Discipleship- To make disciples strong enough in their faith that can go out into the world and share the good news of Gods love and the salvation available through his son Jesus.
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A church is so much more than a building where religious services are held.

A church is actually a body or group of people. A church is a community of like-minded believers who come together to learn and worship. The church is first and foremost a family. A family bound together not by blood but through love, the love of God and love for each other.  They share this love by sharing their skills and talents in support of each other and the church for the glory of God. Each member helping to minister to the needs of the family as a whole and to the community at large.

We invite you to visit our family and feel the love. Together we can worship God our father and find hope as well as salvation celebrating his son Jesus Christ our savior and Lord.

For where two or three gather in my name there I am with them.

Matthew 18:20 NIV



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